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A Proven Business Model

There are many statistics out there about the success rate discrepancies between those that buy into a franchise and those that decide to go it alone. While it’s known that franchise success rates far exceed independent business owners, we won’t focus on THE STAT, we want to be truthful about the realities ahead. Home Inspection is a disciplined field to get into, we won’t lie to you about that. It can take a lot of time and effort, trial and error to build a business. NPI’s franchise program helps you every step of the way on the path to building your business, so you have a better chance of success. We have been doing this for 30 years, after all.
National Property Inspections is a proven franchise system with an established, respected name in the industry — one that agents, insurance companies, banks and subcontractors recognize and value. That’s a reputation that could take years to build by yourself.

Want to Succeed in Your Business? Then Go With a Franchise

You don't need construction or marketing experience to be in this business; we will teach you everything you need to know. From how to be the best Inspector in your market, to building the relationships that will drive your business to the level of success you dream of, all of the tools you need will be at your disposal. NPI's most successful franchisees tell others time and again: Follow the steps provided, and you will succeed.

Meet the Eldon Holliday

"The secret to my success was following the marketing plan taught in Omaha during training. Every Saturday and Sunday I would find the open houses in my area and head out to meet new realtors. I continued to do this for about three years every weekend and I was reaching sales of 100k. Now I’m grossing over $425,000. Even now 10 years later I still have agents say they remember the first time they met me at an open house. I believe that everyone coming through the class in Omaha is given the information they need to succeed, however, not everyone will do what it takes to be successful."
- Eldon Holliday, Olive Branch, MS

Inspection Industry Profile

  • Eight out of 10 home buyers order a home inspection.
  • Roughly 6 million home inspections are performed in the United States and Canada every year.
  • Demand for commercial building inspections is strong, profitable and growing.
  • NPI franchise owners may pursue up to 20 inspection-related services.
  • There are over 90,000 real estate business franchise establishments.3
  • There are over 320,000 people working in real estate franchise establishments.3

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