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State-of-the-art Technology Training

Although commercial building and home inspections are what we do, the business of property inspection involves technology. At NPI, we begin your education with computer and software training. When you become an NPI franchise owner, we’ll provide you with a tablet computer that you’ll use to conduct inspections and operate your business. In our technology training courses, you’ll learn how to comfortably use your tablet to access our proprietary inspection software, how to access and use your business website, and how to use the software tools we provide to get your business up and running.

Each year NPI invests in developing and maintaining software to help our franchisees streamline their businesses.

Inform - Inspection Reporting and Tracking Software

During this training, you’ll learn how to use our proprietary inspection software, Inform™, to perform and generate inspection reports. During your Inform training, you’ll build and use various inspection templates; access the many standard phrases and drop-down boxes within the software, which streamline the inspection process and make report-writing easier; and learn how to easily incorporate photos into your reports.
You will also have the opportunity to put the software to use when you write your first report after the practice home inspection. 
Most independent property inspectors use generic inspection software. But NPI franchisees use our unique and proprietary Inform™ inspection reporting and tracking software. NPI also has experts on staff to help you whenever you have questions or problems. With Inform™, you'll have the ability to produce professional and highly prized inspection reports, including the following:
  • Home inspection reports
  • Various commercial inspection reports
  • Field service and specialty inspection reports

The following are some of the specialized features of Inform™:

  • Checklist format, which guides you through the inspection
  • List of thousands of preloaded and peer-reviewed inspector comments for better and quicker report writing
  • Embedded photos to clarify and illustrate conditions found
  • Tracking software - Who referred inspections to you, how many inspections they referred, marketing return on investment (ROI)

The software was first developed in 1992. Throughout the years, we have heavily invested in updating and advancing it for our franchisees, and it is one of the industry’s best solutions of its kind. NPI franchise owners receive Inform* preinstalled on the tablet computer included with their franchise package. In addition, when you hire employee inspectors, they can also use Inform at no charge.
Inform provides customizable report templates for both home and commercial inspections in a user-friendly format. It allows you to easily record a home or building’s conditions while you conduct your inspection, and each report presents the information to your clients in a comprehensive, easy-to-read format that includes many photographs. Click here to view a sample report.
You can quickly email the report right from Inform, which will save you time writing reports so you can spend more time growing your business.

* Texas inspectors must currently use an alternative reporting program for writing home inspection reports.

HUB - Cloud-based Email Marketing and Website

Tools to get you noticed, strategy to build loyalty.

It's more than just a CRM solution! We put you on the map with online tools that help you with all aspects of running your business. It's a lead capture and nurturing platform to help our franchise owners build a strong and loyal client base while enhancing their digital presence and professional reputation.

  • Easily publish content and share updates
  • Capture and manage contacts
  • Send email marketing messages
  • Review solicitation and management
  • Coupon based lead capture
  • Manage contests and other engagement strategies

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