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NPI's Continuing Support

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

At NPI, your education doesn’t end once you’ve left our Omaha training academy. In addition to our in-person course, you’ll receive ongoing support from our on-call field support staff and our seasoned marketing team for as long as you’re a franchisee.


NPI's inspection field support staff are available 7 days a week to answer your toughest questions from the field. If you run into a problem you haven't seen before or have a question about the best way to report your findings, just give us a call to get connected with an expert from our Omaha office.

Marketing and Business Development

NPI’s dedicated full-time marketing team is available to help you implement and follow our business plan, develop custom marketing materials and strategize to help you reach your goals. We provide assistance for everything from cash flow management and public relations to hiring new employees when you’re ready to grow. You’ll benefit from personalized one-on-one coaching sessions whenever you need them.

Digital Marketing

We make it easy to for you to attract new business with industry-leading websites, professional content writers and designers, continuous SEO management, and a free email marketing platform. Our digital marketing experts will help you broaden your reach on social media, and you'll also have exclusive access to our proprietary Digital Marketing Manual, filled with tips and tricks we’ve learned from years of experience.

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