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NPI Franchisee Testimonials

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NPI was attractive to me because I was heavily researching franchises and when I asked to speak with an NPI franchisee, they gave me a list of everyone in the company. They were open and honest throughout the entire process. Going into business for myself, I had a laundry list of fears. I’m the main income source for my family, so I knew if it didn’t work out, we’d be in trouble. But as soon as I finished the NPI training in Omaha, there was no doubt in my mind that I’d be successful.


Tony Marino, NPI St. PetersburgFranchisee Since 2004

When I saw what GPI had to offer, I realized that it was exactly what I was looking for. I researched many home inspection franchises, and GPI was the only one that fit the mold I was looking for. I wanted the independence along with the time-proven, tested system. Going into business for yourself is an intimidating endeavor. To be an inspector, it takes honesty and integrity. But if you have those qualities, don’t be intimidated by the hurdles you might face on your way to success.


Glynn Williams, GPI Cold LakeFranchisee Since 2013

I love that owning a franchise allows me to have flexible hours. I have five kids, and being a home inspector allows me to spend more time with them. You also always have a place to go with questions. If you were independent, you'd be missing out on a great support staff. In the matter of a few years, our business grew to be more than one person could handle. That's when Heather quit her job and started marketing full-time, and my brother joined our team as a second inspector.


Robert & Heather Gould, NPI Greater St. LouisFranchisee Since 2000

The secret to my success was following the NPI marketing plan that’s taught in Omaha. Every Saturday and Sunday I would find open houses in my area and head out to meet new Realtors. I believe everyone coming through the NPI training is given the information they need to succeed. Their support has made all the difference, NPI's truly dedicated to our success.


Eldon (Scooter) Holliday, NPI Northern MississippiFranchisee Since 2007

When I bought into the NPI franchise, I saw it as a great opportunity. The benefits of being a part of a franchise are immeasurable. From the technical support to the marketing support, the NPI home office provides all the tools you need to get your business up and running. It's all well-worth the investment. They provide so much referral business. There are many months where we really have no cost invested because we’re given so much business from the home office.


Daryle Wilken, NPI OmahaFranchisee Since 2009

NPI really stood out for multiple reasons. One of the big reasons is the corporate culture. We really believe in the same ideals and morals as NPI does and it felt like family when we came to visit. We felt like we'd known everybody for 50 years. It's perfect for us. Once we got our business started, the continued support we received from the home office exceeded our expectations. If we ever have any technical questions on-site, we can give the corporate team a call, getting answers on the spot.


Stephen Fotiades, NPI Noco and NPI CheyenneFranchisee Since 2015

When Julie answered the phone at GPI, I knew this company was different. She invited me to contact any franchisee. I called seven or eight over the next few days and got nothing but rave reviews! GPI has changed my life. Since I bought my franchise, I've almost doubled my income. I can worry less about money and focus more on my family. It's an awesome feeling. With a franchise, everything is set up for you from day one, and you’re ready to go with a recognizable national name.


Greg Mathias, GPI LloydminsterFranchisee Since 2009

I knew from the start that with the right training, I could be successful in property inspection. I was looking for a company that I could develop and grow the way I wanted to. The franchise model takes so much of the guesswork out of starting your own business. I’m always impressed with NPI’s staff in Omaha – They’re invested in my success and always available to help. Purchasing an NPI franchise is without a doubt one of the best decisions my wife and I ever made.


David & Jackie Riley, NPI SavannahFranchisee From 2006-2018

Hearing firsthand from other franchisees about the positive experience they’ve had with NPI really made us confident with our decision. With NPI, you have access to an entire marketing library, which is a huge cost-saver. You don’t have to worry about trial-and-error because their marketing plan has already been tested and proven. It was right after our first annual conference, where I met other franchisees and shared ideas, that our business really started to take off.


Doug Versaw, NPI GoldenFranchisee Since 2011

I wanted to do my due diligence when deciding on a home inspection franchise. I’d been with a restaurant franchise prior to NPI and experienced firsthand the problems with a bad franchisor. I researched heavily and called several NPI franchisees to gauge their satisfaction. My only regret is not joining NPI earlier. I followed the business model and have successfully grown my business to a multi-inspector level. In my fourth year with NPI, my income doubled from the previous year.


Hugh Meade, NPI Des MoinesFranchisee Since 2012


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