Beating Burnout: Tips to Keep Your Head Above Water for Small Bus


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Beating Burnout: Tips to Keep Your Head Above Water for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Workaholics

 September 5, 2023 |  Business Tips |  small business, time management, motivation, entrepreneur

By Kimberly Stevens, NPI, Inc.'s Marketing & Business Coach

Finding success in the workforce can often take a lot of dedication, commitment, and time. Especially in competitive fields, some can get the notion that any time off is an opportunity for someone else to catch up, or a risk that could lead to losing momentum. With this in mind, it comes as little surprise when those with an entrepreneurial mindset struggle with burnout.

Too often, entrepreneurs and small business owners enter into “the grind” without knowing when to take their foot off the gas, leading to a major crash that can be tough to recover from. The good news is that burnout doesn’t have to be an inevitability. With the right mindset and by following the best strategies, burnout doesn’t have to be another hurdle for success and contentment.

1. Reevaluate Your Daily Schedule
A common cause of burnout is taking on too much. Entrepreneurs tend to spread themselves too thin, and they have trouble letting go of responsibilities. The classic mindset of, “If I want to do something right, I’ll do it myself,” also means that delegating more important tasks rarely happens.

Having a strong sense of ownership in the workplace (and in life) is a good thing! However, leaders shouldn’t keep their daily schedules packed to the point where they can’t breathe. In small businesses, employees are there to lighten the load and allow for a business owner’s focus to be on the big picture. A valuable exercise is to record how long various tasks take in an average day. This can help you understand what actions are most valuable, and which could potentially be delegated, streamlined, or eliminated.

In the same spirit, becoming more organized in general can lower the chaotic energy that often permeates a full schedule. A clean, organized office desk, work vehicle, and toolbox should make basic tasks easier, saving time that could be better used. With a more efficient and smoother work process, owners, entrepreneurs, and workaholics can take time throughout the day to step away from their work (completely). Strong boundaries can be difficult for people who own their own business, but picking a strict time to stop taking calls or answering emails will allow you space to fully walk away from work (physically and mentally).

2. Invest in a Support System
Long workdays may be the biggest factor that leads to burnout, but perhaps the strongest factor contributing to positive mental health is finding a community. Family, friends, and coworkers or employees can become trusted confidants to turn to when things get tough. One of the worst things to do is suffer in silence, or speak up only when things become unbearable.

Finding people that you care about and enjoy being around is so important, but relationships with people in your industry are invaluable due to the relatability they can provide. Mentors and peers can speak to specific struggles on the job and even offer actionable advice on how they conquered their own hurdles. Remember: relationships require an investment. Don’t wait until you’re dealing with your own burnout to reach out–be a resource yourself.

3. Take Good Care of Yourself
Finally, after looking at how you conduct your business and who you surround yourself with, burnout can be combated by some simple TLC. Ultimately, a person’s life shouldn’t be consumed entirely by their profession, or any single thing. Finding time for hobbies or other interests outside of work to indulge in is key for a consistently healthy mindset. Whether diving into golfing, hiking, listening to a podcast, or following a favorite sports team, the specific activity matters less than the personal enjoyment said activity provides. Find something fun, and make time for it!

Mental health and physical health are intimately intertwined as well, so finding a doable exercise routine and following a consistent sleep schedule will pay dividends towards bucking burnout. With that said, don’t avoid rewarding yourself with a favorite drink, snack, or meal from time to time without guilt to celebrate your efforts. Success in the workplace might be better related to a marathon rather than a race. Sustaining a full sprint just isn’t realistic, and those that are too proud to adjust are most likely to push things too far.

If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, take a break - we give you permission! To learn more about the support a franchise provides, contact our recruitment team today. For assistance in marketing or if you’d just like to chat, call or email our marketing team.


About the Author
Kimberly Stevens, Marketing & Business Coach
The baby of eight children, Kimberly learned quickly to master the art of communication in order to be heard. She has been with NPI for more than 15 years and is passionate about getting to know our franchisees. Kimberly is a certified marketing and business coach, trainer and speaker, leading training seminars, one-to-one coaching and more. She's a high-energy, fiery red head and an eternal optimist. Her greatest joy is celebrating our franchisees’ victories!

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