Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Next Email Campaign A Su


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Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Next Email Campaign A Success

 November 22, 2022 |  Business Tips, Marketing |  email marketing, digital marketing, small business

By Stepha Vesper, NPI, Inc.'s Senior Communications Specialist

All business owners know the power of email marketing to capitalize on leads and convert sales, but the numbers are striking. According to Litmus’s “The CMO’s Guide to Email Marketing,” email marketing has the highest return on investment across industries, averaging $42 for every dollar spent! Though these numbers fluctuate depending on the industry, it is no secret that email marketing can be incredibly powerful. However, sometimes it can be tough to figure out how to get started. Whether this is your first email marketing campaign, or your fiftieth, here are some ways to make your next campaign a hit!

1. Identify Your Goal
With any monetary investment, small business owners should always consider how each dollar spent will lead to growth. Goals for a single email marketing campaign can be more than just securing more business. Campaigns can be geared towards increasing your brand recognition within a specific demographic, community, or area that might be underrepresented. Alternatively, a campaign could focus solely on gathering feedback on your business with previous clients, or introduce you client base on a new or underutilized service.

Whatever your goal, identify it as a starting point, and do a little preliminary brainstorming on how your campaign could be modeled most effectively to target that objective. Don’t worry if you get stuck! Your marketing team is always available to aid in identifying the best campaign strategies.

2. Identify Your Audience
Once your goal is defined, clarify your target audience. Although general campaigns can be effective, directed messaging with a more specific group in mind tends to lead to better conversions. In particular, it is important to understand your area and which groups might be underrepresented in your business.

Language can be tailored towards specific demographics to lead to increased open rates, and ideally better engagement. Any specific information related to concerns for your target audience in your region can also help create a more personally modeled email campaign.

3. Pick Your Campaign Type
With your campaign’s goals and audience selected, you’re ready to pick your email campaign type. Categories of email campaigns can seem endless at times, but marketers are aware of which types pair well with satisfying each goal, and which ones perform better depending on your industry. Still, some things are universal. For example, according to our fantastic email marketing platform Emma, “welcome” email campaigns have the highest open rate of all campaign types, so introductions are a highly advisable way to build your presence.

Strategize with your NPI marketing team about newsletters, announcements, holiday emails and invitations, or specific promotional campaigns. Our campaigns have been tested in many different markets across North America, so we can take the guesswork out from the drafting process.

4. Track Your Performance
Finally, once your campaign has been launched, we have the ability to follow tons of valuable analytics based on the email campaign’s performance. We’re able to follow open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates which can help us strengthen future email campaigns in your market.

Any developed messaging can be tweaked in the future based on the information that we gather, so in many ways, your campaign’s successes will build upon one another. If you haven’t started yet, there is no time like the present to start!

To start your next email marketing campaign, email your ideas to marketing@npiweb.com. We're excited to help you get started!


About the Author
Stepha Vesper, Senior Communications Strategist
Stepha has more than five years’ experience in marketing, content creation, SEO and copywriting. Her favorite part of her job is assisting franchisees with their digital marketing strategies so they reach their goals that much faster. When she isn’t at work, Stepha is going on adventures with her husband, Zach, perusing used bookstores, reading or writing.

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