The Millennial Effect: How a Generation is Shaping Commercial Rea


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The Millennial Effect: How a Generation is Shaping Commercial Real Estate

 July 20, 2021 |  Business Tips |  inspection industry, news, entrepreneur

Throughout the history of commercial real estate, each new workforce cycle has left their mark. Office designs have evolved to meet the needs of workers and help them be successful. Now, Millennials are showcasing their influence and developers are overhauling spaces to follow along.

The Millennial Workforce is Big
Almost 50 percent of the world’s workers are part of the Millennial generation. Because of this, they’ve been the vocal majority on building designs from offices to multifamily properties. Their uniqueness is often reflected in commercial construction and grows as they do. That means the developers that don’t keep up, are likely left in the dust. So what are some of the features that Millennials have to have in their office buildings?

Leaving Behind a Small Impact
Environmental change is one of, if not the most important, causes among Millennials. They’re always looking for ways that they can cut energy consumption and try to improve the earth as much as they can. Around half of Millennials are more likely to go with a company that actively works to reduce its carbon footprint. Both inside and outside, there are ways to make your younger tenants--and the environment--happy. Changing out older lights and fixtures for newer models can drop your usage substantially. Even integrating biophilic design can have a large impact on your building’s energy consumption and lead to a more productive workplace.

Flexible Working Environment
Coworking and flex-spaces have been considered the new frontier for office layouts. A more open design allows for easier collaboration and makes workers feel more creative. Instead of chopping up floor space into cubicles, Millennials prefer workstations similar to conference rooms that let them communicate to others directly. They can design the office how they want in an effort to work better together.

More Demand for Technology
Millennials grew up with new technology, so it’s no surprise that they want it incorporated with almost everything. Modern CRE, like anything else, can be scaled down to fit in the palm of your hand. Having easy control over things like lighting or air conditioning by using an app makes a property that much more attractive to Millennials. Monitoring air quality has become a concern after 2020, and being able to have that information at your fingertips is essential for many younger workers. Newer technology has also made building efficiency simpler than before and combines two things in one.

Making Things Feel Like Home
With more Millennials wanting to work remotely, making the office feel like home can give them the best of both. Lounge centers with a coffee bar or a relaxation room help relieve stress and allow for better focus. More social spots make an office feel less like your typical working environment. In addition to a mental wellness approach, having places for physical exercise is important for Millennials. Outdoor walking paths, small gyms, and more ergonomic workstations provide alternatives to sitting at a desk all day.

Millennials and CRE Growing Together
As commercial real estate continues to recover, it’ll need to adapt to what Millennials want. You can’t ignore the impact that the generation has already made on commercial construction and design. It’s no longer just about creating a space, it’s about creating a company culture. Look for even more changes to come as trends move in and out and needs shift.

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