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NPI Marketing Team


6 Ways to Get the Most Reach Out of Your Business Website

 January 3, 2019 |  Business Tips, Marketing |  business website, paid search, networking, SEO, digital marketing

By Sydney Arp, NPI, Inc.'s Marketing Specialist & Designer

Your business website has the potential to be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal—if you know how to use it. Here are six ways you can give your monthly website traffic a boost and start seeing those leads convert to sales.

1. Update all your profile to include your website link.
Most networking sites, including the majority of social media platforms, feature an area for you to link your website. Be sure to add your website link to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Google My Business, Yelp and YouTube pages. You should also include your website link in your email signature—an often forgotten, but crucial marketing move.

2. Use social media to link back to your website often.
If you’re a regular Facebook poster (we highly recommend it!), you have ample opportunity to sneak a link to your website in a couple of posts a week. Just be sure that you’re not saying the same thing over and over again. You can link to different pages of your site to point out various features, articles or other information you want your potential clients to know about. In that same vein, it’s a great idea to write fresh content periodically or add new pages to your website as your customers’ needs evolve.

3. Hand out your business card - with your website link.
Are you diligent about passing out your business card? You should be. While it might feel like an old-fashioned way to promote your business, there’s a reason people still carry business cards today: they work. Be sure your website link is displayed prominently on your card, or go a step further and include a QR code straight to your site for added convenience.

4. Try out paid ads.
Paid ads on Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Facebook and LinkedIn can help you put your website in front of the right people through audience targeting. These platforms use sophisticated algorithms to place your ads in front of people in certain areas, in a pre-established age group, with pre-defined interests. This means you can advertise directly to, for example, millennials who are shopping for a home through Zillow in the northern part of your city. The best part about paid ads is that you can work with just about any budget and still make a splash by reaching hundreds of people daily.

5. Create an eye-catching email marketing campaign.
Email marketing is another great way to drive more traffic to your website. Not only can you direct your email audience to specific pages, you can also include a link to your homepage in every footer to rev up overall traffic. For more information on making sure your email audience is up to snuff, check out how to get started with cleaning your email list.

6. Look for local PR opportunities.
Local news stations and papers are always on the lookout for new stories pertaining to finances, real estate and lifestyle. Many of our inspectors have seen great success by appearing in news segments and articles about the inspection process and the crucial role it plays in buying or selling a home. Once you’ve gotten in touch with the right people and secured a spot, you’ll naturally drive local business. And it goes without saying that you’ll create the perfect opportunity to showcase your website URL.


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About the Author
Sydney Arp, Designer and Marketing Specialist
Sydney serves as NPI’s in-house graphic and web designer. With experience in art direction and brand development, she loves being a part of a team that’s giving a fresh, new feel to an established company. Not only is her work aesthetically pleasing – It’s made to get results. Sydney supports our franchisees on a daily basis with all of their print and digital design needs. Have an idea about a new campaign? Sydney will turn it into a reality!

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