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A Manager Mindset: Using DISC for Smoother Communications

 December 1, 2020 |  Business Tips, Marketing, Franchise |  business growth, small business, motivationn

By Kimberly Stevens, NPI, Inc.'s Marketing Coach

The world is made up of people with all types of personalities and backgrounds, so naturally, business is no different. From clients to employees, each individual has their own unique style of communication and leadership. Each style can provide a great advantage to your business, but getting over initial communication barriers to reach your team’s full potential can be a challenge. That’s where DISC comes in.

Introduction to DISC
The DISC personality assessment reveals the four most common communication styles seen in personal and professional settings. Most people are a combination of two styles, though some may find that they’re a combination of three. 

  • Dominant personalities tend to be more task-driven and competitive. They’re confident and outgoing, but can sometimes appear too demanding. 
  • Influencial personalities are often optimistic and highly social. They enjoy coaching others to reach their potential, although in certain situations they might take over the conversation. 
  • Steady personalities are loyal, consistent workers who maintain a pleasant, even-handed demeanor. However, their resistance to change may make them hesitant to implement new ideas and grow. 
  • Conscientious personalities are highly analytical and strive for accuracy in their work. Being so technical all the time can make it hard for them to express their real feelings.

Technicians and Entrepreneurs
You can think of the “C” and “D” styles as being technicians and entrepreneurs, respectively. Cs, or Technicians tend to be perfectionists, and are quick to notice something that’s out of place. They’re also practical, and are more “doers” rather than “dreamers.” Meanwhile, Ds, or entrepreneurs thrive on change and growth. They always want to reach new goals and are determined to do whatever it takes to achieve them.

The “S” personality represents a managerial way of thinking. They’re steady-going and like to help others in their work, making them wonderful team members. Managers are also consistent and stick to a similar pattern, which means they can grow uneasy towards change. They’re highly organized and tend to reflect on past mistakes, using any missteps to guide future decisions.

How the Personalities Interact
Although there are substantial contrasts in how each personality type reacts to certain situations, they each bring a valuable perspective to the table. As a business owner, you’ll benefit from creating a diverse team of styles. For example if you’re a “D,” you might benefit from hiring an “S” to help you stay organized.

Approaching Each Style
To help prevent a breakdown in communication, learn how to connect with each personality. 

  • D: Be direct and brief when communicating. Stay focused on the facts, and be organized when presenting information to them. It’s also good to provide them with options so they don’t feel constrained. 
  • I: Be friendly and complimentary, and avoid being overly formal. Help them stay on task and formulate a plan that capitalizes on their strengths. 
  • S: Build trust and create a friendly atmosphere. Carefully listen to what they have to say and don’t overwhelm them with information. 
  • C: Be more technical and structured in your conversations, and answer their questions with facts. Be clear about deadlines and your expectations of them.

Becoming More Self-Aware
Reading through the definitions of the DISC test, you may have noticed some of these same qualities in yourself. As a home inspector, it’s common to be a strong “C” or “D” personality type. Each of these types is competitive and task-driven, which fits right in with being an entrepreneur. Inspectors are trained to look for the smallest deficiencies in a building, and examine everything with a critical eye, fitting perfectly with a Technician personality type. Along with recognizing your workers’ and clients’ styles, you should also notice your own style more. Self-awareness means that you better understand who you are and what drives you in your decisions. You’ll be able to discover new things about yourself in how you lead your team and react to situations. Think about what you want to achieve as a leader, and what it’ll take to get there. Looking inward will help you connect better with people and gain their respect as a quality business and a professional they can trust.


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About the Author
Kimberly Stevens, Marketing Coach
The baby of eight children, Kimberly learned quickly to master the art of communication in order to be heard. She has been with NPI for more than 15 years and is passionate about getting to know our franchisees. Kimberly is a certified marketing and business coach, trainer and speaker, leading training seminars, one-to-one coaching and more. She's a high-energy, fiery red head and an eternal optimist. Her greatest joy is celebrating our franchisees’ victories!

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