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Building Self-Confidence to Better Your Business

 April 20, 2021 |  Business Tips, Marketing |  motivation, business growth, entrepreneur

“Confidence is key.” This is a phrase often quoted by the best in their field, from star athletes to business leaders. Reaching your goals often starts by forming a strong mental fortitude and believing you can accomplish anything. Yet if you tend to be more reserved and always second-guess yourself, it’s hard to develop that confidence.

Recognize what makes you worried.
To instill confidence in yourself, you have to start by recognizing what makes you nervous. It could be trying out a new marketing approach, performing an inspection for a new client that could lead to future referrals, or simply getting your feet wet as a rookie business owner. Situations like these are definitely stressful and can cause you to freeze up, debating with yourself what direction to go. If this happens to you frequently, then it’s time to work on bettering your mentality to charge ahead. Identify the situations that make you feel uneasy and what worries you the most.

Control what you can control.
The fear of the unknown is something that everyone will experience at least once in their lifetime. Intimidation about making the wrong move can cause you to not make a move at all. The best thing that you can do to overcome this feeling is to focus on the things that you have control over. This way you’ll build that sense of empowerment that you’re in the driver’s seat of your own fate. Work on the little things day by day and you’ll soon feel less stressed about what lies ahead for you. No one can completely control what the future holds, but using this trick won’t make it seem so daunting.

Use setbacks as teaching moments.
Sometimes learning things the hard way can be the best way, though it can be slightly frustrating. It’s easy to let a setback anger you and dwell on it for far too long, but that’ll only hurt you in the long run. Take a step back during moments like these and think to yourself how you can use it to your advantage. Over time you’ll become less stressed about coming up short and you’ll boost your confidence. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t for your business to avoid sitting on a decision for too long.

Trust your knowledge and training.
As a home inspector, you’ve had to undergo hours of technical training. Combining this training with your real-world experience can build belief in your ability to complete any task. Even in new situations, you might be able to find parallels to something that you’ve done before. Don’t become overwhelmed when you find yourself in uncharted waters. Take a moment to recall your training and use it as your safety net. A tip to remember: always keep up with your education and don’t hesitate to ask for help to make you a more confident and effective business owner.

Pat yourself on the back.
There’s no better feeling than tackling a problem that seemed impossible at the start. That sense of accomplishment you get is hard to contain-- so don’t! Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn every once in a while. Pumping yourself up can supercharge your self-confidence and take down those mental barriers you had built up for so long. Whether it’s a monetary goal, landing a big client, or anything else you have set for yourself, set aside time to celebrate.

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