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How Keeping Your Website Fresh Will Boost Your Small Business

 March 28, 2023 |  Marketing, Franchise, Business Tips |  business website, Google, Facebook

By Sydney Bailey, NPI, Inc.'s Marketing Director

A website is absolutely crucial to a small business’s long-term success. Especially in saturated industries and competitive markets, business owners should take advantage of every opportunity they have to get noticed. While setting up a modern, engaging website is a great start towards online relevance, it’s only step one when it comes to making a lasting impression on the web.

To get the most out of your small business website, business owners should regularly check in and update their site to keep it relevant. For the best strategies to achieve a consistently fresh and impactful website, here are a few website strategies every small business owner should pursue.

Keep Your “About Us” Up To Date
When setting up your “About Us” page, it’s always best to collaborate with an experienced copywriter to ensure that you’re properly highlighted as an expert in your field. Specific details about your professional background and certifications can inspire trust and credibility.

With your background and related achievements correctly detailed, your About Us page is also your opportunity to humanize your team and establish a rapport with your client base on a more personal level. Share a bit about your favorite hobbies, your family, your participation in charitable events, or your interest in local activities. Stories (and ideally pictures) related to these more personal events are what converts your brand from an ambiguous, distant business entity to a real person who is active in the local community.

Frequently review your About Us page to see how it can be updated to accurately reflect who you are! Also, be sure to update this section with any new employees as soon as possible. Your clients and agents will appreciate being able to recognize the inspector they end up working with.

Integrate Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Prospective clients and agents visit your website in order to determine whether your services are likely to meet their expectations. While a well-designed webpage might keep them from clicking away, you’ll need to find additional ways to build their trust if you want to convert them from just a visitor to a paying client.

Customer reviews, testimonial quotes, and video testimonials are amazingly effective when it comes to establishing that you are a capable professional and the best choice for inspections in your local area. Well-written website copy and claims can only get you so far. When previous clients and voices from outside your business start advocating for your services, those are the types of stories worth featuring front and center.

Reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp should be published on your front page, and you should continue to update these areas as you receive more positive feedback for your work. Likewise, badges and awards related to your industry work should be displayed proudly and updated whenever you receive new recognition. Your website is the headquarters of your online presence. An outdated page citing awards from decades ago might make you seem inactive, and it could even indicate to potential clients that your quality is dropping.

Perform Regular “Check-Ups”
Finally, while you should have a dedicated team setting up and assisting with your website, take ownership of this area of your business. Thoroughly review your website at least once per year to make sure regularly scheduled updates haven’t broken any links and that your services and credentials are up to date.

Feel free to experiment with your website to find the best ways to present your services and your team to an online audience! As always, reach out to your marketing team for any help brainstorming or implementing changes. Email at any time for help with website customizations!

Every National Property Inspections franchise owner gets unlimited access to a dedicated, full-time marketing team that aids in any online or in-person marketing endeavors. To learn more about what you gain from franchising with NPI, free info packet today!


About the Author
Sydney Bailey, Director of Marketing
Sydney specializes in creative marketing strategy. In her current role, she leads the marketing department in implementing new initiatives to increase business for NPI and GPI franchisees. With experience in brand development, public relations, project management, and art direction, she also serves as NPI's in-house graphic and web designer. Sydney supports our franchisees on a daily basis with all of their print and digital design needs. Have an idea about a new campaign? Sydney will turn it into a reality!

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