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Integrating Google Posts on Your GMB Listing

 October 27, 2020 |  Business Tips, Marketing, Social Media |  business growth, Google, Google My Business, SEO

By Zach Vesper, NPI, Inc.'s SEO & Marketing Specialist

Your Google My Business listing plays a key role in growing your business, and it’s important to know how to get the most out of it. There are many nuances with a GMB listing, but knowing each aspect will help with converting clicks to clients. One underused feature that Google offers for listings is the “Posts” section.

What the Post Feature Does
Integrating the Google Posts feature on your listing gives you a more well-rounded business profile. Along with linking to your web page and providing updated hours, posting on your GMB lets clients know what you’re up to. They get a better understanding of the work that you do by seeing it come directly from you. Being able to communicate effectively through Posts acts as an ice-breaker between you and a customer before you even meet.

Google Posts + SEO
You’ve probably heard how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contributes to customers finding your business through Google Search. Having the Posts feature enabled on your listing will increase traffic to your site and boost your SEO ranking. Google likes to “reward” those that are active on the site, and posts is a great way to let them know you’re making an effort to use all of your GMB’s features to their full potential.

Creating Content
When it comes to creating the post itself, Google allows you to upload videos, photos and even GIFs. You should tie these visuals into a memorable message. There are a variety of topics that make for eye-catching posts, but here are four top choices:

  • Announcements: These can be used to inform customers about changes to your business procedures. Accompanied with a well-designed graphic or photo, an update about your business will let people stay informed. 
  • Deals: Everyone loves a discount, and posting about a deal on your listing is sure to garner attention. Specify the details of the special you’re running, and include either a link to follow or a coupon to print out. 
  • Events: Whether you’re hosting or going to an event, a Google post can attract additional attendees. Let them know the details, and possibly provide a way to RSVP. It’s good to post follow-up reminders about upcoming events as well. 
  • Products or Services: If you want to show off a new product you have or service you’ve added, a post is the perfect place for it. Clients will see you’re a growing company, and will be inclined to learn more.

Creating an Effective Post
Google has a list of tips to follow when you’re creating a post. Staying within these guidelines is sure to get you the most out of your listing.

  1. Determine the content of your post, whether it be an event, giveaway or special offer. Think about what you want your customers to do in response to your post. 
  2. Make sure that all your videos and photos are high quality, and in the correct format. 
  3. Keep your titles short and to the point. Per Google’s information page, they allow “4-5 words, or around 58 characters in your title.” 
  4. Your descriptions can be longer, but Google still recommends keeping things under 300 characters. 
  5. Wrap things up with a call to action for the customer.

Keep Posts Current
The default length a post will stay on Google before it’s archived is seven days, but you can set a date range to keep it up longer. As you swap out different offers, remember to update whatever postings you’re running. Regularly check to see if the information is accurate or needs to be changed within the description and on any graphics you have. If you have posts that link to pages on your site, test that the links still work properly.

Track Your Posts
Knowing how well your advertising is doing as a small business owner is crucial. If you don’t adjust your plan to match your target audience, you’re basically stuck in the mud. Google shows you your post’s analytics, which in turn allows you to fine-tune your approach. See what your customers like, and keep putting it in front of them. About half of business owners don’t know how to fully utilize GMB Posts, if they know about them at all. This is just one small trick you can use to stand out from your competition.


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About the Author
Zach Vesper, SEO and Marketing Specialist
Zach brings more than six years of SEO experience to the table, making him your go-to web optimization specialist--he knows how to help your website reach the first page! He's always more than happy to answer your questions about all things Google. Zach is a film buff, an old-fashioned connoisseur and an avid reader of science fiction. When he’s not working, he’s hanging out with his wife, Stepha, and basset hound, Frank.

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