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What Does NPI's National Accounts Department Do?

 June 19, 2018 |  Franchise |  inspection industry, client satisfaction

By Kenn Garder, NPI, Inc.'s National Accounts Manager

At NPI, we continue to support our franchisees long after they leave our Omaha training academy. Not only do we continue to offer advice, marketing coaching and general guidance, we also help you land paid inspections. Here’s how our National Accounts Department helps refer our inspectors commercial work across the U.S.

We Do the Legwork
We know training our franchisees for commercial inspection work helps them diversify their offerings and sharpen their skillset. We also realize that knowing the right people is a huge part of owning a successful small business. National Property Inspections’ National Accounts Department aims to offer our franchisees an advantage over other inspection companies by referring business directly to them from clients across the country.

Our Omaha office acts as a central point of contact for commercial clients, among them brokers, investors and large companies, many with recognizable household names. Most of these individuals and operations have the need for multiple commercial inspections in one or more states (think a retail chain with hundreds of locations across the country.) This need comes with unique challenges for not just the client, but also the inspector. How do the client and inspector go about finding one another and working together in a way that’s favorable for both parties? That’s where the National Accounts Department comes in.

Great for the Inspector
Commercial inspections come in all shapes and sizes—big, small and everything in between. Whether it’s a hotel, office building, fast food restaurant or specialized space, such as an airplane hangar, our inspectors have tackled it all and provided comprehensive, easy-to-read reports for clients.

While we can never guarantee a certain volume of commercial inspection referrals through our National Accounts Department, we work hard to promote our services and are able to refer a substantial number of inspections each month. Many of our inspectors supplement their income or even pay all or some of their royalties from just the inspections our National Accounts Department refers.

Convenient for the Client
It’s easy to see how attempting to coordinate inspections in multiple locations can quickly become a). expensive due to travel costs, b). a logistical nightmare or c). all of the above. Plus, if travel isn’t an option, hiring different inspection companies across the country will inevitably produce inconsistent reports that make the whole documentation process that much more difficult.

With our National Accounts Department, clients can call our office once and let NPI handle the rest. Our coordinators assess clients’ commercial inspection needs, offer quotes and contact the right NPI inspector in our large network. Inspections are typically completed quickly, and from there, our coordinators check each report carefully, send them off to clients and handle payment details.

Clients are able to enjoy ease of transaction, and consistent report quality, style and format makes record-keeping simpler and far more accurate.

A Win-Win for Everyone
When you succeed, we succeed. National Property Inspections strives to form a mutually beneficial relationship with all its franchisees, for more successful small business owners and a better inspection industry. If you’re interested in exploring all NPI has to offer, give us a call at 1-888-333-9807 or request your free information packet today.


About the Author
Kenn Garder, National Accounts Manager
As manager of the NPI National Accounts department, Kenn guides our clients throughout the commercial inspection process. He serves as the central point of contact for our national clients. Kenn also provides residential and commercial technical support for our inspectors. He teaches the commercial inspection segment of the NPI training program. Kenn has been with NPI since 2006.

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