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What Is The Benefit Of The Name National Property Inspections?

 December 5, 2023 |  Marketing, Social Media, Franchise |  inspection industry, small business, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, digital marketing, business website, SEO

By Michael Trimble, NPI, Inc.'s Content Marketing Coordinator

When starting a new business, entrepreneurs work hard to create a clear plan for growth. While there are many exciting things that come with establishing a business’ processes, brand image, and marketing strategy, owners tend to spend a lot of their energy early on avoiding common pitfalls. One of the most important pitfalls to avoid, of course, is choosing the wrong business name.

Names are hard, whether you’re naming a new business venture or your child. For many entrepreneurs, launching a new business is very similar to having a new baby, as they work through the trials and tribulations that come with learning to operate in a new industry. While a person’s opportunities may not be markedly different whether they were named John or Albus, a business name can mean the difference between success and failure.

National Property Inspections is a tried and tested name in the property inspections industry, which means inspectors that partner with NPI can see benefits prior to performing even a single job. To get a better idea of why National Property Inspections works so well in its industry, let’s first review what is important when choosing a business name.

Why Is A Business Name Important?
Business names are intended to accomplish quite a bit. First, a business name needs to set appropriate expectations to its intended audience. What does the business do? What are the business’ values? What can be expected when working with this business? If a name is too vague or imprecise, clients may misunderstand the business’ focus, either passing them over in favor of a competitor, or inquiring for services that aren’t offered.

Next, a business name needs to draw in clients! Names can do this by being particularly unique or memorable, or they might do this by evoking a sensation of professionalism or prestige. Depending on the industry, goofy names may be appropriate to appeal to a particular audience, whereas another industry that prioritizes expertise, safety, and high profile investments would be wise to stick with something more professional.

Finally, a name must be easy to remember. Sometimes names that include invented words can be memorable after getting established and gaining widespread recognition, but prospective clients need to be able to easily look up a business after hearing it off hand. This means that keeping a name relatively short and full of everyday words is best for discoverability online, and for easier recollection. (Per the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, memorability and simplicity are two of the most important factors that make a great business name. You can read more of their thoughts on the subject here!)

With some of these basic standards outlined, let’s see how NPI stacks up!

NPI Cuts Straight To The Point
National Property Inspections is a name that cannot easily be mistaken for something else. In the home inspection industry, there is a high potential for clients to mistake a poorly named property inspection business for a construction company, electrical or HVAC company, or even a private detective’s office. Reducing the potential for confusion is paramount for any business owner who wants to reduce wasted time and unneeded frustration with mistaken clients.

National Property Inspections is a property inspections company, and one of the premier names within the industry across the United States. All of this is easily understood in three simple words, and this efficient, direct naming style subconsciously tells clients that they can expect the same from this business’ service: efficient professionalism, and a premier quality that stands up to scrutiny.

NPI Opens The Door For Commercial Inspections
The next thing that the NPI name does for its franchisees that’s different from many property inspection business names, is it doesn’t immediately force them into the box of home inspection. If you’re a home inspector who has ever tried to break into the world of commercial property inspections, you may have experienced the stigma that commercial referral sources have towards home inspectors.

While this is surely frustrating, the stigma isn’t entirely unwarranted. The truth is that commercial properties require a unique skill set and involve a different scale that most home inspectors simply aren’t used to. This leads those that need to coordinate commercial inspections to commonly look elsewhere for their needs. National Property Inspections doesn’t include the word “home” in its name like many in the industry, which inherently allows more freedom for franchisees to diversify.

Commercial property inspections can be very lucrative, and since NPI offers special commercial training and commercial job opportunities through its National Accounts, National Property Inspections uniquely positions its franchisees to excel in this field.

NPI Works Well On The Digital Front
One major unexpected struggle that new business owners face while naming their new company is digital compatibility. Businesses excel when they can be reached easily, and the best way to do this is to be present in every location that their client base is looking. This, of course, starts with securing your business’ domain name, then branches out to claiming pages on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business, Yelp, etc.).

Consistency across all platforms is important to reduce confusion among your clients, and is an essential practice for businesses that want great SEO (search engine optimization). Another benefit of franchising with NPI is that our marketing helps you set up all of these profiles, securing your business’ name right out of the gate so that you can focus on building your audience and refining your skills.

NPI Has 35+ Years Of Industry Name Recognition
Finally, National Property Inspections has built a reputation of quality in the property inspection industry that spans over 35 years! With experienced and talented business owners stretching across the United States, NPI is a well-known brand that is already recognizable for its integrity and high-caliber service. Although new franchisees haven’t necessarily been active as a home inspector as long as NPI’s most tenured professionals, using the NPI name means that one of the most respected entities in the industry vouches for your abilities and your character.

To answer the old question: “What’s in a name?” Clearly, there’s quite a bit!

If you’d like to learn more about how National Property Inspections continues to innovate and stand out in this industry, contact our recruitment team. Want to learn more about the benefits of franchising with NPI? Collect your free info packet right here!


About the Author
Michael Trimble, Content Marketing Coordinator
A graduate of the University of South Dakota, Michael has a B.A. in International Studies and English. With a background in research and writing, Michael contributes to NPI’s corporate marketing team as a copywriter and content strategist.

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