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Global Property Inspections Franchisee Spotlight: Greg Mathias

 March 26, 2018 |  Business Tips, Franchise, Inspection Tips |  inspection industry, small business, client satisfaction, news, motivation, networking

Global Property Inspections’ Franchisee Spotlight recognizes our most innovative and successful GPI and NPI franchises. By sharing their stories, helpful tips and lessons learned, every franchisee can learn what it takes to grow their business. For our March spotlight, we’re proud to feature Greg Mathias of Lloydminster, AB.

Greg bought his GPI franchise in 2009. He was the first inspector to be named a CCHI (Canadian Certified Home Inspector). In just three short years as a GPI franchisee, Greg earned the title as our GPI top producer for 2013.

What was appealing to you about the inspection industry?
Greg Mathias: I’m a people person. I really liked the idea that I would be helping someone make the biggest decision of their lives.

What skills from your previous job have helped you grow an inspection franchise?
GM: I have always been in the construction industry working on full home, commercial buildings and renovations. I use the skills I’ve amassed over 31 years in the trade to market my inspection services. Clients like to know that you have the skills and the expertise to do the job.

Why did you decide on GPI?
GM: I looked at many franchises before deciding on GPI. The reason I went with this franchise is because it felt like a family, and it wasn’t as regimented as others. When I called Julie Erickson she was vibrant and down-to-earth. She invited me to visit Omaha and meet the team, and she told me to call any franchise I wished. Upon reaching out to other franchisees, they had nothing but praise for the company.

Think back to when you got home from Omaha training. What were the first steps you took to gain momentum?
GM: The first thing I did was visit open houses. I got home on a Saturday morning. That same afternoon, I went and purchased cases of water, breath mints and small hand sanitizers. My wife had made some Rice Krispies Treats, so we included those with the packages. The next day, I hit eight open houses and chatted with the Realtors. It went very well. That Monday, I called all of the local offices and made arrangements to come and introduce myself at their morning sales meeting.

What has been the most challenging part about owning your own business? The most surprising?
GM: The most challenging and surprising? The roller coaster ride that is the real estate industry. One week it’s crazy busy and the next week it’s dead slow. I would have never thought that something as simple as the weather could affect how people look at homes.

When it comes to marketing, what do you find the most success with?
GM: Meeting face-to-face with Realtors is the best marketing you can do. This business is all about building relationships with people. Getting to know the Realtors on a personal level and being genuine as a friend or acquaintance will take you far.

What advice do you have for other franchisees trying to grow their business?
GM: The marketing is key. This is a full-time job. When you’re not inspecting, you should still be working. Improve your website, post something on social media, get out of your office and meet a Realtor. Think about the ways people can find you and constantly improve on it.

To hear more from Greg, check out his GPI Facebook page, @globalpropertyinspections.

For more from your NPI corporate team, visit @npifranchise.

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