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How To Invest In Marketing When Things Get Slow

 December 6, 2022 |  Franchise, Marketing, Business Tips, Social Media |  inspection industry, networking, time management, motivation, small business, digital marketing

By Sydney Bailey, NPI, Inc.'s Director of Marketing

Across industries, entrepreneurs will find times in their business when things seem to be going great. There is no shortage in clients or work, and operating their business dominates their attention to the point where marketing can fall down on their list of priorities. This becomes an issue when business, inevitably, slows down. That constant train of phone calls and appointments begins to clear up, and as an ambitious business person, you don’t want to lose out on that hard-earned momentum. So, what do you do?

Especially in seasonal industries that are particularly influenced by the ever-changing real estate market, slowing business marks a perfect time to invest your time (and money) in marketing.

Make Networking a Priority
The best thing you can do when things get slow is get out and meet new people! With each new introduction, you’ll meet a new potential client. With each office you visit, you could start a new long-standing relationship.

If you haven’t already, join your local BNI group or any local hotspot for REALTORS® and industry specialists for potential referrals. In short, look for any opportunity to build your business’s contact list. Get connected with new people and continue investing in your already-established industry relationships.

Recommit Yourself to Social Media
This may not come as a surprise, but social media is the most common marketing tool to get neglected by small businesses. Don’t make this mistake. As time goes on, more people are relying on social media for recommendations; and for small businesses, social media is no longer optional if you want to maximize your client base. If your social media has been ignored in the past, slower business periods can provide a great opportunity to recommit yourself to your presence online.

Whether increased automation is feasible or you are interested in strengthening your presence with more personalized content, social media is a perfect (and free) way to increase your interaction with your client-base and build relationships with your referring agents. Social media needs to be a part of your marketing strategy if it isn’t already, and if it is, take the time now to check in on how you could utilize your social media even better!

Review Your Search Engine Optimization
In the information age, discoverability is of utmost importance. With National Property Inspections, franchisees receive the benefit of a multifaceted Search Engine Optimization( SEO) strategy. Each local market is unique, but there are always plenty of new opportunities to update and enrich your SEO. As a part of the NPI family, you benefit from your dedicated team of SEO experts on the Marketing Team. Reach out to us anytime for an SEO review, and we’ll collaborate with you for the best targeting options and website changes designed to improve your Google ranking in your local area.

Plan Your Next Email Marketing Campaign
Slow markets are the best time to find out just how beneficial email marketing can be. If you haven’t done an email marketing campaign yet (or if it’s been awhile), it might be a good idea to use your spare time to plan a campaign. Review your previous campaigns to see which ones got the most traction and had the best click-through rates. NPI’s email marketing specialists have years of testing experience. To know what works and what doesn’t, set up a meeting with your corporate marketing team to start planning your next email outreach.

Improve Your Product
When business slows, we understand how easy it can be to get disheartened. Every industry experiences an ebb and flow of activity. One strong option that small business owners can take when they experience downtime is to invest in themselves and combat any defeatist mindsets.

Additional training and services for your business provide new material for you to market. Pick up a new book on running small businesses or try out an industry podcast. Use your downtime wisely so that when business picks up, you have a leg up on your competition. There is always something you can be doing to set yourself up for success.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your corporate marketing team with any questions or ideas to support your business–it’s what we’re here for! Your National Property Inspections marketing team is invested in your success. Give us a call or email us anytime:

With National Property Inspections, you get access to a team of marketing experts that helps your great work get noticed in your area. Request a free info packet today to learn more about franchising with NPI!


About the Author
Sydney Bailey, Director of Marketing
Sydney specializes in creative marketing strategy. In her current role, she leads the marketing department in implementing new initiatives to increase business for NPI and GPI franchisees. With experience in brand development, public relations, project management, and art direction, she also serves as NPI's in-house graphic and web designer. Sydney supports our franchisees on a daily basis with all of their print and digital design needs. Have an idea about a new campaign? Sydney will turn it into a reality!

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