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How You Can Use Social Media to Teach and Interact with Clients

 July 13, 2021 |  Marketing |  networking, digital marketing, Facebook, YouTube

By Adam Kiesel, NPI, Inc.'s Digital Marketing Assistant

Being a small business owner allows you to interact more personally with your clients and build strong relationships with them. The integration of your social media accounts for your business means that you are able to reach out and build with even more customers on a daily basis. Using social media, plus in-person meetings to reach potential clients has been proven to help you grow your business faster. But it can be tricky to know the type of material that will resonate with people and inspire them to interact. One way you can get viewers interested is making educational content.

What It Is
Educational content might seem a little dull, but it can actually be very captivating to an audience. People like to see things that are unusual or unknown to them and learn more. This is especially true to homeownership. There are many different issues that can arise when owning a house, and the average owner may not know how to deal with them. They are always on the lookout for advice about how to best deal with these problems, and your social media pages can provide just that.

Take Photos and Videos
While you are out in the field, take photos or videos of the problems that you encounter. Take shots from close in and far away to give a good idea of what people should be on the lookout for. As you are recording the problem, give good supplementing information to go along with it. Detail what the issue is, how it can happen in a home and ways that people can prevent it. Remember to keep things in focus and well-lit so it’s clear to see for viewers and yourself later on.

Properly Frame
Another good thing to remember is a line from the famous television show “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and to “shoot side to side so the angle is wide.” Having your videos or photos in a vertical layout compresses the image, making it more difficult to discern exactly what’s going on. Save your images and add dates and titles to refer back to them when you go to upload across your social media sites. If you want to make things look more professional, you can edit the shots and add text or other relevant images that will help viewers better understand the content.

Don’t Forget to Interact
After you have posted your information and made up a caption for it, it might take some time before a follower responds or shares it. Don’t get discouraged about this, and certainly don’t give up making content! The worst thing you can do is give up on social media marketing completely. People will begin to find you and your business, and they will start looking at the content that you have out there--it just takes time and patience.

When followers do begin to interact and ask questions or post comments, reply to them in a timely manner. Don’t leave people hanging on a line or they will feel prompted to move on. Then you will have done all that work for no gain, and that can feel discouraging. Much like going to the gym, social media is a habit: it’s good to do it a few times a week, and seeing change takes weeks or months. Keep it up, and you’ll see that change in your business!


About the Author
Adam Kiesel, Digital Marketing Assistant
Adam's responsibilities on the NPI, Inc. Marketing Team include content creation for our websites, blogs and social media accounts. He also works on informational items to be sent to current and prospective franchisees. Adam joined the staff at NPI in 2020.

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