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The Benefits of Going to the Annual InVision Conference

 January 2, 2024 |  Business Tips, Inspection Tips, Marketing, Franchise |  hiring, training, inspection industry, small business, business-growth, motivation, networking, entrepreneur

By Stepha Vesper, NPI, Inc.'s Senior Marketing Communications Strategist

Every year, the National Property Inspections home office hosts its annual conference, inviting professional property inspectors from all across North America to gather in Omaha, Nebraska with the intent to network, learn about the latest happenings within the industry, and celebrate the past year’s achievements. While it’s a great time to reconnect and catch up with one another, the InVision Conference is also planned with adding direct value to your business in mind.

If you haven’t been to the InVision Conference or if you’re interested in learning more about what to expect, here are a few takeaways you can look forward to!

Discover Opportunities to Expand Your Business
Whether you’re curious about adding a new service to your business or you’d like to partner with a nationally recognized vendor, the InVision Conference offers opportunities to meet with representatives about potential partnerships. In 2023, the InVision conference featured booths and speakers from Thumbtack, ISN (Inspection Support Network), Guardian, MFD Home Certifications, AirAdvice, Inspector Cameras, Fixle, Sporecyte, Scarpello Consulting, and Secure24. Our team does their best to provide a slate of high quality vendors like these every year at the annual conference.

If you're a vendor who's interested in securing a booth for this year's InVision Conference, submit our Vendor Opportunities form here.

In addition to new revenue stream opportunities, our conference agendas always include sessions dedicated to business administration and marketing topics. In 2023, we were very happy to have Dr. Patricia Meglich from the University of Nebraska Omaha discuss recruitment, talent management, and other HR topics, and Dave Faber, Owner and Inspector of NPI Northwest Arkansas, explain the nuances of hiring with the intent to sell.

For property inspectors interested in keeping up with the latest industry trends, adding value to their service list, and improving their skills as a business owner, the InVision Conference seeks to be a yearly resource to all franchisees in the NPI, GPI, and Carson Dunlop family!

Refine Your Knowledge and Learn New Skills
The best entrepreneurs are always looking to improve the way they deliver their services and manage their businesses. With this in mind, the InVision Conference provides a venue to sharpen technical skills with at least one optional continuing education training each year. In 2023, InVision Conference attendees could sign up for a CE course taught by Dallas Jones from EcoSense focused on radon and attend sessions dedicated to upselling and performing various add-on services.

In many areas of property inspections, digging deeper into a topic can radically change the value of information available to the client. For example, any inspector who has worked in a state that requires licensing to test for radon knows how much information clients are missing out on in states with no credential requirements.

Build Your Community
Lastly, maybe the biggest benefit of going to the annual InVision conference is the chance to meet with some of the best, most innovative property inspectors and business owners currently working within the industry! For newer inspectors and business owners, the conference is a time to meet and reconnect with mentors who have developed their own tried and tested strategies for success. For veterans, the conference is a time to catch up with your peers to compare what is working in the current landscape of property inspections - and what isn’t.

We are so proud of our franchise family that we place some of our top performers front and center in an open forum. There, inspectors at every stage of their business can ask their burning questions to the people that have battled through the trials and tribulations inherent in establishing success. Building a community within your industry is something we are very passionate about (and we’ve written a bit about how to do that by networking at events already), but don’t take our word for it! Listen in on what some of our franchisees think about attending the annual conference:

Try Out the Layaway Program!
We want to see more people building their business and connecting at the 2024 InVision Conference than ever before, so we’ve set up the Conference Layaway Program for anyone looking to plan ahead when it comes to costs. Sign up for the 2024 Conference Layaway Program here, or let the marketing team know if you have any questions!

NPI provides many opportunities to grow and build your inspection business all throughout the year! If you’re interested in learning more about a franchise opportunity with NPI, request your free info packet today.


About the Author
Stepha Vesper, Senior Marketing Communications Strategist
Stepha holds two advanced writing degrees and has more than nine years’ experience creating blog articles, PR pitches, emails, website copy, print mailers, social media posts, newsletters, and taglines. Stepha also specializes in marketing training, strategy, and consultation, particularly in the areas of social media and email marketing. Her favorite part of her job at NPI is assisting franchisees with their digital marketing strategies so they reach their goals faster.

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