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Top 10 Customer Appreciation Gifts

 December 15, 2020 |  Business Tips, Marketing |  networking, client satisfaction, small business

By Stepha Vesper, NPI, Inc.'s Marketing Communications Specialist

Clients and agents do so much for your business, and showing your gratitude goes a long way in maintaining a strong relationship. A small token of your appreciation makes them feel valued, and they’ll be more likely to recommend your services. Here are a few ideas you can use to keep people coming back.

1. Offer a discount or coupon.
More than anything else, people like to save money wherever they can. They may even exhaust every search avenue to find the best deal that also provides great service. A slight markdown on a service you offer will grab their attention. Create a flyer that you can hand out or a post you can share on social media.

2. Give away snack bags.
To sweeten the deal with customers and agents, treats are just what you need. They’re a simple and inexpensive option that still shows your customers you're thankful for their business. Customize your baggies with a thank you note for a more personalized feel. You can also attach your business card that clients can pass along to their family and friends that may need you. These are also perfect to have on hand if your clients have younger children.

3. Hand out merchandise.
Another wonderful and easy gift to give is branded merchandise. It can be something as small as a pen or even a larger item like a shirt or blanket. A piece of branded material that people can use and show off thanks past customers for choosing you, and it can attract new ones. Be sure that the gifts you give are high quality so they’ll last a long time and reflect the quality of work you do with your business.

4. Send handwritten notes.
In a time when most messages are sent electronically, a handwritten note is a nice surprise. They don’t take much time to write, and you can include a fun photo as well. Try to make each note as unique as possible--they don’t need to be lengthy, but a little thought goes a long way.

5. Put together holiday gifts.
Perfect for the giving season, a fun holiday-themed gift will brighten your clients’ day. For example, a greeting card with a branded ornament or a small gift bag of holiday treats are kind, memorable gestures that will help you stand out.

6. Enter them into a raffle.
A giveaway is a great way to get more people interacting with your business. A gift card or any of the gift ideas above make perfect prizes for your drawing.

7. Host a get together.
There’s not a better way to get to know your customers than a social gathering. A cookout or lawn party lets you mingle with the people who’ve helped build your business. You’ll be able to learn more about them and turn some of those relationships into friendships. If you have the budget for it, renting out a community center or local attraction will make for an adventure-packed day.

8. Get involved.
To establish yourself in your community and give back to the people who’ve helped you, donate your time. It doesn’t cost you anything to help those that need it. Whether it’s a food drive, toy collection or simply cleaning up litter, there’s no better feeling than knowing you made a difference. Plus, your activism might inspire others to do the same.

9. Highlight them on social media.
One free thank you is shouting out your customers on social media. A photo or short video thanking them for choosing you and talking about what amazing customers they are will make them feel appreciated. They’ll also be able to share the post to their feeds, marketing you to other potential clients.

10. Listen to what they say.
A gift that continually gives back is listening to the comments of your customers, responding to any concerns and acknowledging that they’re being heard. Use feedback to improve your service and let your clients know their input is highly valued.


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About the Author
Stepha Vesper, Marketing Communications Specialist
Stepha has more than five years’ experience in marketing, content creation, SEO and copywriting. Her favorite part of her job is assisting franchisees with their digital marketing strategies so they reach their goals that much faster. When she isn’t at work, Stepha is going on adventures with her basset hound, Frank, and husband, Zach, perusing used bookstores, reading or writing.

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